• Advice to members on scheme initiated payment contracts
  • Discussions with funders on mutually acceptable DSP Agreements
  • Participation in the Discovery Governance project
  • Utilization review of practices, which includes efficiency reviews (profiling)
  • Online and hard copy coding guidelines distributed to members
  • Coding issues, especially disputes with administrators and schemes.
  • Design and implementation of new codes according to CPT guidelines
  • Fee and impact studies used for annual fee negotiations
  • Coding workshops at congresses
  • Assistance with forensic audits 
  • Membership of SAPPF (South African Private Practitioners Forum) – SAPPF is an umbrella organization of about 8500 members, representing the diverse interests and views of healthcare providers working in the private sector across a wide range of specialist disciplines (22), general practitioners and allied healthcare workers
  • Protocol and clinical guideline development
  • Healthcare market research and presentation of lectures
  • Assistance with HPCSA complaints

Information technology

  • Practice management programmes - preferential contract with DHS (Med-E-Mass)
  • Electronic Communications - SMS and E-mail
  • Data warehousing 
  • Online Electronic Claims Profile 

Management support

  • Annual Practice Start up Workshop
  • Data collection through Medikredit,
    Medscheme and Healthbridge
  • Practice management support and guidance
  • Coding guidelines, training and support

FinancIAL Advice

  • Finance packages with preferred Bankers
  • Group insurance products through PSG, Northcliff
  • Group retirement funding through Prosper Financial Services
  • Healthcare consulting to 3rd parties

continuous medical education

  • Local CME events in major centres and targeted workshops
  • Annual congress that offer academic, business and social content
  • CPD point warehousing via MyCPD
  • Promotion of a uniform immunization schedule via PVAC
  • Access to Vermont Oxford Network (VON)


Become part of our paediatric community today and start building a strong network. We understand the business and personal challenges, as well as potential pitfalls of  private practice. We look forward to welcome you.



Paeds-Application-and-ACB-Form 1 March 2024.pdf

Private Practice

This fee applies to any member who is in private practice. There is no membership category for limited private practice except for the exception explained under Academic membership. If a doctor doing private work of any degree, chooses to be a member of PMG but does not sign up to the Paediatric Governance Project with Discovery Health, that doctor still pays full membership fees.
During your first year in Private Practice you qualify for a reduced membership fee.


This fee is for Paediatricians employed full time in the state sector with no private work. An exception is the state employed Paediatrician whose private sector work is limited to consulting without admissions to hospital. This exception will apply as long as this practice remains a consulting practice only. An Academic PMG member who joins full time Private Practice will qualify for the first year private practice rate for the first 12 months of practice.

There is no Group practice rate. All members of group practices or associations must be individual members in their
own right to enjoy the benefits of PMG membership.